The Consortium on the Revolutionary Era was established by five universities–Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of Georgia, the University of South Carolina, and Louisiana State University–in 1972 to foster the study of Europe during the Revolutionary Period (1750-1850). The primary goal was to organize an annual conference for those interested in this field and to publish the results of their contributions. Participants include both faculty and students, primarily from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Although the first meeting in 1971 attracted only 75 students and scholars to the University of Georgia, the Bicentennial meeting, held at Florida State University in September 1989, attracted 225 scholars from six countries and almost 2,000 students from not only Florida State University but also from the University of Illinois, Ohio State, Auburn, and L.S.U.

The Consortium has expanded in the past twenty-five years and now includes seventeen universities and colleges.

The Consortium has teamed up with the board of Age of Revolutions (an open-access, peer-reviewed journal on the revolutionary era) to publish the conferences annual Proceedings.