1. The Consortium is guided by a Board of Directors that makes policy decisions; each school that helps finance the Consortium with an annual dues of $500.00 has one director on the Board. In lieu of this $500.00 dues, Florida State University assumes the full expenses when the meeting is held in Tallahassee.
  2. The Board of Directors meetings are scheduled during the annual three-day meeting. The Chair is the current host Director of the meeting. All decisions are made by a majority vote. A Director can empower a substitute from his school to attend and vote in his/her place. The decisions will be circulated among the Directors and the conference participants will be informed of pertinent decisions. (It should be noted that almost all decisions are related to the annual meeting and the publication of the annual Selected Papers.)
  3. Between meetings, an Executive Committee deals with the every-day operations of the Consortium. No policy decisions will be made without the vote of the entire Board of Directors. The Executive Committee will include four individuals: the current Board chair, the immediate past Board chair, the immediate future Board chair, and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Consortium.
  4. In a given year, the representative of the host university will serve as chair of the Board, program director for the meeting, and the editor of that year’s Selected Papers.