1. The funds of the Consortium are provided by a contribution of $500.00 from each member school of the Consortium and the sale of Selected Papers to libraries and others, except as noted under Governance 1. There are no dues collected from individuals.
  2. The dues paid to the Consortium by the member schools are used primarily to (a) provide up to $2,500.00 each year to the school hosting the meeting for travel and honorarium to bring in a scholar of international renown to present the banquet address at the annual meeting, and (b) provide funds to help defray the cost of publishing the Consortium’s annual Selected Papers.
  3. A Secretary-Treasurer is appointed by the Board of Directors and serves without pay. He/she keeps the minutes of meetings and financial records and provides an annual accounting to the Board of Directors. He/she is authorized to pay the usual expenses of the Consortium concerning the annual meeting and the publication of Selected Papers, as well as other costs of operation as authorized by the Executive Committee between meetings of the Board. He/she is also authorized to prepare and mail copies of the Selected Papers to those attending Consortium meetings who have paid for it through registration fees. The Secretary-Treasurer also keeps records, prepares invoices, and mails copies of Selected Papers to libraries, booksellers, and others worldwide who have standing orders or submit purchase orders or checks for the current Selected Papers or for back issues. The Secretary-Treasurer receives all payments and dues and deposits them in the Consortium’s bank account, annually accounting for this aspect of responsibility to the Board. He/she also maintains an up-to-date mailing list of over 1,000 individuals who have participated in previous Consortium meetings.
  4. If, for any reason, the Consortium is dissolved, the Consortium funds will be distributed to the current contributing institutions on a percentage basis, according to their contributions.
  5. As an established international scholarly/educational tax-exempt and non-profit association, currently supported by state and privately funded universities or higher learning, as well as thousands of students and teachers interested in the history of Europe during the Revolutionary period, we hope and trust that this organization will encourage scholarly research and debate for years to come.