In fostering study and research on Europe in the Revolutionary Period, one of the major activities of the Consortium is to hold a conference every February. Students and professors are encouraged to attend the meetings to present the results of their studies to the assembled members of the Consortium. Our first meeting in 1971 included four sessions and eleven papers. At the September 1989 Bicentennial meeting at Florida State University, there were forty-five sessions and 150 presentations, demonstrating the vitality and commitment of students and professors to the Consortium.

The meetings of the Consortium have been held at the colleges and universities that make up the Consortium. Often, two or more neighboring member schools cooperate and organize a joint meeting, as exemplified by the University of Georgia and Georgia State or the University of South Carolina and the University of Charleston. Each school has hosted the annual meeting once every five or six years in the past but the addition of several schools to the Consortium recently will reduce the frequency of this obligation.